How the Dictionary Poem Project got it’s start

My idea for the original dictionary poem, writers’ block, hatched spontaneously while I was finishing up construction on a piece of artwork for donation to a local literary magazine’s fundraiser.

The sculpture was titled Writers’ Block. As I finished inserting the pencils into the wooden block the thought occurred to me to look up writer and block in the dictionary. It was such a strong impulse that I grabbed pencil and paper along with a dictionary I had in my studio. Immediately I was obsessed with tracking down all sorts of connections from the origins of the two words writer and block to the pathways of meaning that opened for me leading to unexpected and ever more striking associations, as well as to the frustration of slammed doors and unexpected dead ends. With the text for the poem, writers’ block, complete I found imagery that complimented and added to the text. After I had written more dictionary poems the decision was made to choose a different font and to work within a set format now that I was dealing with multiples. Both edition I and II of the Dictionary Poem Project conform to this format.

writers’ block sculpture

The first graphic representation of writers’ block

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